Traveling, what an amazing moment! You make sure everything is packed and ready, plane tickets and happiness ready! All these procedures are awesome, however, there is one more aspect you need to take care of carefully: money. Of course you want to go shopping and buy souvenirs, clothes, taste new food, airport stuff, etc.

Years ago, there was only one option and it was cash; it still works especially when traveling to a country with a different currency from yours, you have to go to an exchange house and buy the new currency, but sometimes it can be a very expensive process. People used to travel without backup plans in case cash couldn’t cover all the expenses, this led to many problems for people in foreign countries with a different currency since there was not a way to face unexpected events in which more money was needed.


Fortunately, internet came across with the possibility to have digital money, this revolutionized the way we used to pay and transfer money. Covid crisis boomed the use of internet for daily life actions, like studying, working, purchases, paying monthly bills, among other things. Additionally, all money transactions changed completely; now we can pay almost everything through internet. All of these changes also include traveling; now we can find new alternatives to pay safely, less complicated and less use of exchange houses with high fees. 


One suitable way to pay when traveling is using digital money saved in digital wallets, apps, credit cards and international debit cards. All of these options help to reduce the excessive use of cash.


It is important to have a backup plan when traveling in terms of money, what if you run out of cash in a foreign country? What if you face an emergency and you don’t have enough money? Imagine that you want to buy more things to take home, but cash isn’t enough? Maybe a person with bad intentions steals your cash? This are only some examples of what could happen if you just take a certain amount of cash to the foreign country.


What to do then? Always carry with you more than 2 options to pay abroad it can be a credit card to use in emergency moments, cash, a digital wallet with funds and accepted internationally, you can also get an international debit card from your bank. This doesn’t mean that you have to forget about cash forever, in fact, many countries may ask you to show cash in the foreign currency to prove you have money to be a tourist there, you can have part of your budget in cash and the other part in cards or E-wallets.


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